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Dj de 21:30h a 02:00h

DJ Natxo Arola

Natxo Arola music i DJ . Especializado en crear ambientes con la música. más info >

Quiere una fiesta? La música esta llena de ellas. Mezclar música, gastronomía y personas es su gran pasión.


Dj de 21:30h a 02:30 - Cantante 22:30h

Dj Mine Mia

Mine Mía of Havanan origin and Ibiza sounds, is one of the artists of the panorama of Barcelona with a great tour of the most important clubs in the city. más info >

He started as a DJ in a self-taught way guided by his exquisite musical taste and his great sense of rhythm, making Ibiza his place of residence for two consecutive years. His sessions travel through the genres of the Deep House and the Tech House, accompanied by tribal rhythms and slow beats. It has been amazing for more than three years with its harmony in the cabin and a refined musical novelty. In its most special sessions, it sounds a bell in order to emphasize the magical moments of the night. Mine Mía is without a doubt a musical experience that will make you embark on a sublime tide of emotions. His Havana spirit fused with his electronic sounds give his sessions that special touch.


Dj de 21:30h a 02:30h


Mixing purely for passion as a Dj since the 80’s…. más info >

My passion for the music I play started way back in 1972 when I first heard pirate radio Caroline on AM band, from that moment I was hooked to the underground jazz funk and rock sounds from the States and UK.


Dj de 21:30h a 02:00h

Dj Xavi Pum

Xavi Pum is a well- known dj in Barcelona since 1993, because he has a very stylish sets, in the best spots in the city, and around europe. más info >

His sessions include Lounge, jazz, funk & Soul growin’ to downtempo deephouse and finally groovy electronic music.

His long career let him play with very different styles and you will see him in the fanciest venues and private parties in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Paris…