TOMAS TARRUELLA is a creative entrepreneur working within the world of restaurants. For more than 20 years he has been creating a wide range of spaces. Behind each of his establishments is a different concept. The starting point, his inspiration and cultural influences vary for each case, yet they always share the same essence: spaces with personality, cared for design and gastronomy, quality in the produce used in avant-garde ambiences, well priced.

Both for the brand GRUPO TRAGALUZ, in which he is the co-founder, as for En Compañía de Lobos, which he is founder of, Tomas has been able to create unique restaurants each with their own personality. Each one of his projects is born out of his particular vision and understanding of the business, as well as out of his personal interests and life experiences, his travels and curiosity for other cultures.

EN COMPAÑÍA DE LOBOS is the personal project of Tomas. It is the result of his adventurous spirit, his curiosity for different cultures and his long running experience in the creation of restaurants. Since its conception in 2013 he shares his responsibilities as CEO of Grupo Tragaluz with the work as the founder of En Compañia de Lobos. At the moment En Compañia de Lobos has 9 restaurants between Barcelona and Madrid: Gallito (2013), Ana la Santa (2013, Madrid), Bosco de Lobos (2014, Madrid), Palmito (2015), The Green Spot (2016), Gats (2016), Isla Tortuga (2017), Spot Mallorca (2017) and Llop (2017).